Under the aegis of Brother Dr. J. I. Hoffman, a group of Omega men met together in the early 1930’s to discuss the possibility of establishing a graduate chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity in Charleston, SC. The meeting took place in the office of Brother E. J. Cling, D.D.S., on King Street near Cannon, at which time the men made the decision to proceed with setting up the chapter. The enthusiasm of these founders was very high and the chapter flourished. After several years of independent existence, the Brothers decided to apply to the National Body for a charter, and on August 6, 1938, the charter was granted and Mu Alpha was officially in operation. Those Brothers responsible for founding the chapter were:

  1. Brother Eugene Deveaux—————————Educator; Musician
  2. Brother William Felder—————————–Physician
  3. Brother J. Irvine Hoffman————————- Physician
  4. Brother Harold Houston————————— U.S. Postal Service
  5. Brother E. J. Cling———————————–Dentist
  6. Brother J. T. Massey——————————– Dentist
  7. Brother J. Allen McFall—————————– Pharmacist
  8. Brother John Metz———————————- Podiatrist
  9. Brother Matthew A. Mouzon———————-  Educator
  10. Brother Eugene Simmons————————– Educator; Musician

The first Basileus of the chapter was Bro. J.I. Hoffman and the first Dean of Pledges was Bro. Oliver Hasell. The first initiation was held on August 8, 1938, and the inductees were Allard Alson, J. Arthur Brown, J. R. Collins, Alywood T. Cornwell and H. Harleston Fleming. Mu Alpha’s community involvement includes Voter Registration, Purchase of fraternity house, Boys to Summer Camp, Talent Hunt, Omega Ensemble, Immunization programs, Tutorial programs, Black History Bowl, Adopt-A-Highway project, High School Scholarships, Mardi Gras, Frasier Bridge Program, Purple and Gold Ball, Midnight Summer League Basketball Teams and Education Foundation.

Since its inception, Mu Alpha chapter has distinguished itself through its programs in the community, in the Sixth District, and on the National Level. It has provided models in many social and cultural areas for other chapters in the Fraternity and other fraternal organizations. There have been many notable achievements too numerous to list, but Mu Alpha has never ceased to distinguish itself for its excellence and high level of performance in all areas. These programs keep the Brotherhood dedicated to the charge of our Founders and enable Mu Alpha to remain a beacon to all that aspire to become Omega Men.